ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights (List of Chapters & Guide)

ENDER LILIES is a dark fantasy 2D action Indie game about uncovering the mysteries of a ruined kingdom. On this dark journey and many fallen knights will assist you to overcome these difficulties and seek the truth.
RELEASE DATE: 21 Jun 2021
Game mode: Single-player  

How many Chapters are in ENDER LILIES?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2: Cliffside Hamlet
Chapter 3: Witch’s Thicket
Chapter 4: Catacombs
Chapter 5: Twin Spires
Chapter 6: Hinterlands

ENDER LILIES Walkthrough

Ender Lilies does not gives you a quest marker or tells you where to go to complete the chapter. The purpose of this walkthrough is to help those people who are lost in the maze and guide them to the next main boss so that they can progress through the main story quest of Ender Lilies. Defeating (purifying) the main bosses will grant you their soul and you’ll be rewarded with a new action. Learning new actions will let you explore new areas which were unreachable earlier. Before going after the main bosses it’s advisable that you explore the areas as much as possible: gather spirits (by defeating mini-bosses), collect relics, and enhance your weapons. This will help you in defeating the main bosses easily. 

Chapter 1: Walkthrough

Main Boss: Guardian Siegrid 
Action Reward: Guardian’s Leap / Double Jump – The blighted wings of Guardian Siegrid grant an extra jump while midair. Keep heading forward after the game starts. The path is very linear at the beginning of the game. Guardia Siegrid is in the area next to the Cathedral Cloister Respite. 

Chapter 2: Walkthrough (Cliffside Hamlet) 

Main Boss: Gerrod, the Elder Warrior 
Action Reward: Giant’s hammer (You’ll now be able to break the red pustulant ground) 

After completing chapter 1, keep moving forward until you reach the Crossroads Respite (where fast travel becomes accessible). Move out from the Crossroads Respite from the Top Exit to enter the Cliffside Hamlet region. Keep moving ahead in the Cliffside Hamlet region and unlock the areas. There are TWO respites in this region: (1) Collapsed Shack and (2) Bridgehead. The area to the immediate right of Bridgehead respite has the Main Boss of this region. Defeat him to complete chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Walkthrough (Witch’s Thicket) 

Main Boss: Dark Witch Eleine 
Action Reward: Witch’s Bubble (This action will allow you to swim underwater. You’ll be able to submerge, attack and evade in any direction in Blighted waters) 

After completing chapter 2 return back to the Crossroads Respite. This time leave the Crossroads respite through the Lower Exit to reach the Witch’s Thicket Region. This region has THREE Respites: (1) Dryad Lake, (2) Witch’s Hermitage, and (3) Coven Halls. Reaching the Dryad Lake Respite is pretty straightforward. Go to the area on the right side of Dryad Lake, then to the area below to reach the Witch’s Hermitage Respite. From Witch’s Hermitage Respite, go to the area on the right and then go to the areas below until you reach the Coven Halls. The area below Coven Halls Respite has the Main Boss of this region. Defeat her to complete Chapter 3. Check the images below to see how to reach the Main Boss of this region. 

Chapter 4 Walkthrough
Chapter 5 Walkthrough
Chapter 6 Walkthrough

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