Escape Moreau: Resident Evil 8 Village (How to Guide)

How to Escape Moreau Reservior: Resident Evil 8 Village

    • Squeeze through the thin opening on the right and run down the stairs and through the tunnel.
    • Take a left turn (west), earlier this route was closed. And Take the immediate first right and climb the stairs.
    • Continue to follow the path to the north and examine the wooden beams (with yellow tape/color) on the right. Shoot it down to create a path.
    • At the end climb down the ladder and head east(right). Finally, when the tunnel opens up, deal with lycans to your left.
    • Collect the Boat Key from the wall of the shack.


    • Head back to the south, and take the tunnel leading right (west) to come out of the tunnel area.
    • Follow the path to reach the dock area. Use the Boat Key to start the engine. Ride the boat through the tunnel into the reservoir and another tunnel. Leave the boat at the dock.
    • After the cutscene when Moreau drops into the water, follow the wooden ramp path and jump to land on solid ground.


    • From the sign pointing to Moreau’s Clinic, turn right and follow the path up the hill, and enter the Gatehouse.
    • Pull the lever in the gatehouse to find out that there is no power. Exit Gatehouse to reach the first Windmill-1.


Use the crank to turn the windmill at the Windmill Turntable, and the crank breaks at this point. Head inside the windmill and get down the ladder.

How to Reach WINDMILL TWO guide & get the crank


    • Inside, shoot the lock with yellow tape to drop a ladder and climb to the top. Collect the crank from the turntable.
    • Now you need to climb the top of the windmill, interact with the turntable and use the crank to rotate the windmill. Now you can climb to the top of the windmill. Use the zip line to reach Windmill One.


    • Use the crank to turn the windmill and restore power.
    • Head back to Gatehouse and examine the Sluice Gate Controls diagram.
    • Change the lights of Sluice Gate Controls to get the correct combination and open the gate.

Blue, white, orange
White, orange, black
Orange, blue, blue

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