Evresin: All Wealth Locations (Armor, Weapon) | The Siege of Paris DLC | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Collectibles Guide & Walkthrough

There are a total of 11 wealth chests to be collected in Melunois. This article shows all the wealth chest locations walkthrough in the Evresin region of ‘Seige of Paris’ DLC. ‘Seige of Paris’ is the second major expansion of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, released on 12th Aug 2021.

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Evresin Wealth 1/11: Paladin Hood

Paladins Pants is inside a wealth chest in Lisieux, which is at the west portion of Evresin. The chest is in a secret room inside Lisieux Crypt. The location of the crypt is shown with a yellow dot in the picture below. To get to the chest you will need two keys that you will get at locations marked by 1 & 2 in the map below.

Lisieux Crypt Door Key: Crypt door key is with a man in front of a hut south of a small pond in Lisieux. You can steal the key from the man.

Hidden Crypt Room Door Key: The key to the hidden room is inside a church at the top level (See picture below). Go inside the church and take the ladder to reach the upper level. Here you will need to shoot the ladder with an arrow for it to slide down. Then use a sliding panel to jump on the ladder and reach the top level. You will get the key here at the top level.

After collecting the key from the top level of the church, jump down the open window to reach a cemetery. The crypt door is in the cemetery. Open the door and proceed until you reach a big room. In this big room you will find a secret door behind a curtain (See Picture Below). Open the door using the key and then get Paladin Hood from the chest.

Evresin Wealth 2/11: Tungsten Ingot

This wealth chest is in Silmensil, which is at the southern portion of Evresin. The chest is inside a red tent in the enemy camp. Open the chest to get Tungsten Ingot.

Evresin Wealth 3/11: Durendal

Durendal Sword is in a wealth chest in the Aquila area. The chest is inside a well. Break the wooden plant covering the top of the well and then jump inside to get the wealth.

Evresin Wealth 4/11: Tungsten Ingot

This wealth chest is in Maribonne at the location shown in the picture below. The wealth chest is at the upper levels of the ruins and the key to open the chest is with one of the enemies in the area.

Evresin Wealth 5/11: Tungsten Ingot

This wealth chest is inside a red tent in Chatle’s Forward Camp at the location as shown in the picture below. Open the chest to get Tungsten Ingot.

Evresin Wealth 6,7,8/11: Raw Materials

You will get three wealth chests by raiding Pont-de-l’Arche. The chests are very easy to locate. Simply highlight the chests and follow the marker on the compass to find them.

Evresin Wealth 9/11: Book of Knowledge (Goule Breath)

Goule Breath Book of Knowledge is also in Pont-de-l’Arche. Break the window on the backside of the building to enter the building and take the book of knowledge.

Evresin Wealth 10/11: Tungsten Ingot

This wealth chest is in Gisacum Ruins. Break the wooden planks on the ground to reveal a hole. Jump down to find a Door marked with Hidden One’s symbol. Open the door and you will find the chest in a corner in the next room.

Evresin Wealth 11/11: Book of Knowledge (Plague of Rats)

The book of knowledge is in the underground portion of Gisacum Ruins. In the room where you found the previous chest, you will find a stone blockage on one of the walls (See the Picture Below). Get the explosive from a corner in the room and use it to break the stone blockage. Before jumping through the newly created opening, collect one more explosive from the corner. Now jump through the opening, where you will find another stone wall. Break the stone wall using the explosive and get the book of knowledge.

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