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The Siege of Paris, released on 12th August 2021, is the second major expansion of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The DLC takes you to the region of West Francia to relieve the Vikings’ siege of Paris during the reign of ‘Charles the Fat’. This page acts as an index for all the new missions, Trophies, collectibles, Armors, and Weapons that you will get in the expansion.

New Locations in Francia/France

‘The Siege of Paris’ introduces a pretty big region of West Francia containing 4 locations as listed below.
1. Melunois
2. Evresin
3. Amienois
4. Paris

Mission List

Story Missions

Strangers Bearing Gifts
To Francia
Warlord of Melun
The Rot in the Slums
Majesty in the Dark
The Missing Queen
Sister of Sorrow
The Queen’s Gambit
Honor and Enemies
Fire From Heaven
Royal Fox Hunt
A Hidden Weakness
Dark Before Dawn
The Siege of Paris
The Count of Paris
Fire and Faith
The Madness of King Charles

Side Missions

Hidden (Hidden Ones Questline. Get Legendary Joyeuse Short Sword)
Vive la Resistance (Rebel Missions. Get Reaper Armor Set)

Francia Collectibles

Melunois (Wealth-8, Mysteries-7, Artifacts-2)

Paladin Helm
Paladin Pants
Book of Knowledge-Golden Flame
5x Tungsten Ingot

Flying Paper
Melun Hoard Map

Map to Thieves Camp / Ulfberht Sword
Offering Altar: 3x European Pond Turtle Regular Locations
Frankish Noble
Melunois Cairn
Not God Enough
Roman Excavation (Hidden One’s Key)
Stealing From Thieves

Evresin (Wealth-11, Mysteries-5, Artifacts-2)

Book of Knowledge-Plague of Rats
Book of Knowledge-Goule Breath
Durendal Short Sword
Paladin Hood
4x Tungsten Ingot
3x Cargo

Flying Paper
Cursed Symbol

Roman Excavation (Hidden One’s Key)
Offering Altar: 3x Brown Trout Big & 3x Seal Tail
2x Evresin Cairn
Frankish Noble

Amienois (Wealth-12, Mysteries-5, Artifacts-2)

Bloodied Scythe
Wretched Scythe
Book of Knowledge-Golden Flame
Book of Knowledge-Goule Breath
5 Tungsten Ingot
3 Cargo

Flying Paper
Cursed Symbol

Roman Excavation (Hidden One’s Key)
Frankish Noble
Amienois Cairn
Ghost Auroch Boss
Hidden Justice

Paris (Wealth-9, Mysteries-3, Artifacts-3)

Paladin Chainmail
Paladin Bracers
Bellatores Robe
Scythe of Tribulation
Joyeuse Mythical Short Sword
Book of Knowledge-Plague of Rats
3 Tungsten Ingot

Paris Hoard Map
2x Flying Paper

The King of Rats
Offering Altar: 2x Animal Heart & 100 Silver
The Ghost of Saint Germain

List of Trophies/ Achievements (Total 9)

Do What Is Right: Complete the Siege of Paris campaign

Know What Is Right: Complete all territories of Francia (Get 100% completion in Francia by getting all Wealth, Mysteries, Artifacts)

We Nobles Three: Defeat all three Frankish Nobles (These are the mystery events. You will have to defeat the three Frankish Nobles in a duel)

Vive la Résistance: Reach maximum Infamy in the Rebel Missions (You will need to reach Infamy level 4. You will have to complete 20 Rebel Missions to get there)

Lèse-majesté: Complete 10 Rebel Missions

Future Past: Enter the Assassin Bureau in Francia (Complete Walkthrough)

Bad Bull: Defeat the Ghost Auroch Boss (Complete Legendary Animal Mystery in Amienois region)

Vendange: Kill an enemy with a scythe while wearing the full Reaper armor set (Complete Walkthrough)

Pat the Cats: Pat all the cats in Evreux (Per 4 cats in Evreux market square. Evreux is at the center of Evresin)

List of Weapons

Legendary Joyeuse Short Sword (Paris Wealth)
Scythe of Tribulation
(Paris Wealth)
Bloodied Scythe
(Amienois Wealth)
Wretched Scythe
(Amienois Wealth)
Durendal Short Sword
(Evresin Wealth)
Egbert Short Sword
(Melunois: Pruvinis Mystery)

List of Armors

Paladin Helm (Melunois Wealth)
Paladin Pants (Melunois Wealth)
Paladin Hood (Evresin Wealth)
Paladin Chainmail (Paris Wealth)
Paladin Bracers (Paris Wealth)
Bellatores Robe (Paris Wealth)
Reaper’s Pants: Purchase from Pierre after reaching Infamy Level 2 (400 Rebel Coins)
Reaper’s Helm: Purchase from Pierre after reaching Infamy Level 3 (450 Rebel Coins)
Reaper’s Cloak: Purchase from Pierre after reaching Infamy Level 3 (450 Rebel Coins)
Reaper’s Bracers: Acquired automatically on reaching Infamy Level 3 and accepting the next Rebel Mission.
Reaper’s Torso: Purchase from Pierre after reaching Infamy Level 4 (750 Rebel Coins)

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