Excavation Site Collectibles Location (Spartan Core, Audio Logs & Mjolnir Locker) | Halo Infinite

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles (2 Spartan Core, 1 Mjolnir Locker, 1 Banished Audio Log, 1 Spartan Audio Log, and 1 UNSC Audio Log ) in the Excavation Site mission in the Halo Infinite campaign. If you miss a collectible and complete the mission, then you won’t be able to get the collectible without restarting the campaign.

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#1 Spartan Core 

The first Spartan Core can be found on the top of the mountain to the southwest of the main machine. Below is the screenshot of the Spartan Core’s location.

#2 Mjolnir Locker 

From the previous location, drop down below the cliff. You will find Mjolnir Locker at the bottom of the pit in the southwest as shown on the map.

#3 Spartan Core 

The second Spartan Core is located at the southeast corner as shown on the map. Enter the building at the bottom of the cliff and look upon the left to find Spartan Core

#4 Banished Audio Log 

Use the gravity lift to enter the mining structure. You will find Banished Audio Log directly across from the laser controls. There are two gravity lifts and you can use anyone to enter the structure.

#5 UNSC Audio Log

From the Laser Control, turn right and follow the hallway. Keep going past the gravity lift to see this Audio log around a corner. This audio log is near the second gravity lift.

#6 Spartan Audio Log

Head to the road North-West of the Excavation site to reach a large open destroyed area. You will find a UNSC Audio Log near a crashed truck by the side of the road. 

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