Halo Infinite: Collectibles Guide & Walkthrough

Halo Infinite, the much-awaited entry to the widely successful Halo Series, finally released on 8th December 2021. The game contains several collectibles. Some of the collectibles are in the mission areas and some are in open-world areas. Mission areas can be accessed only during the mission. If you miss a mission collectible and complete the mission, then you won’t be able to get the collectible without restarting the campaign. This page acts as an index for all the guides for Halo Infinite on our website. We have categorized the collectibles based on missions, collectible types & open-world areas.

Halo Infinite: Mission List & Collectibles

There is a total of 15 missions in the game as listed below. Some missions don’t have any collectibles. Missions containing collectibles have been linked to their guides page below.

1. Warship Gbraakon (2 UNSC Audio Logs, 1 Skull, 1 Banished Audio Log)

2. Foundation (2 UNSC Audio Logs, 1 Skull, 1 Banished Audio Log)

3. Outpost Tremonius (3 UNSC Spartan Core, 1 Mjolnir Armor Locker, 1 Banished Audio Log)

4. The Tower (2 Spartan Cores, 1 Skull, 1 UNSC Audio Log, 1 Banished Audio Log, 1 Mjolnir Locker)

5. Excavation Site (2 Spartan Core, 1 Mjolnir Locker, 1 Banished Audio Log, 1 Spartan Audio Log, 1 UNSC Audio Log)

6. Conservatory (No Collectibles)

7. Spire (1 UNSC Audio Log)

8. Pelican Down (5 Spartan Cores, 5 Spartan Audio Log, 3 Banished Audio Log, 1 Mjolnir Locker, 4 Propaganda Towers)

9. The Sequence (4 Banished Audio Logs)

10. Nexus (2 UNSC Audio Log)

11. The Command Spire (1 Skull)

12. Repository (1 Skull, 2 UNSC Audio Log)

13. The Road (No Collectibles)

14. House of Reckoning (1 UNSC Audio Log, 2 Banished Audio Log)

15. Silent Auditorium (1 Skull)

Type of Collectibles

1. Skulls (12)

2. Mjolnir Armory (34)

3. Spartan Cores (45)

4. Propaganda Towers (40)

5. Forerunner Artifacts (7)

6. UNSC Audio Logs (37)
Infinity’s Approach (12)
– Recovered Files (4) (Collected automatically during Main Missions)
The prisoner (7)
Outpost Intel (14)

7. Banished Audio Logs (28)
Archeological Findings (4)
Escharum’s Testimony (9)
Outpost Intel (15)

8. Spartan Audio Logs (39)
Retaliation (8)
Reverie (6)
Scattered (10)
Evacuation (7)
Ringfall (8)

Open World Areas & Collectibles

1. 12 FOBs

2. Ransom Keep

3. Riven Gate

4. Forge of Teash

5. Horn of Abolition

6. Annex Ridge

7. Redoubt of Sundering

8. Armory of Reckoning

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