Extract a Viable Sample Puzzle Solution | Gotham Knights

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the objective “Find the Excavator Research & Extract a viable sample” in the game of Gotham Knights Case 3.

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In this case, you will go inside a mine and scan 3 mining samples. Finally, interact with a lab to analyze the samples.

Find the Excavator Research

Scan the drill holes on the wall

The second clue is an Ore sample is placed on a table upstairs, in the left room.

The third clue is also an Ore sample placed on a table upstairs, on the right side room.

Extract a Viable Sample

Next, leave the mine and enter the lab. Interact with the lab table to start the puzzle. 

The way most of the puzzles work in the game is by connecting 2 correct clues. Mark a clue on the left and a clue on the right by pressing Square (PlayStation) / X (Xbox), then confirm with Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox). If the chosen clues are correct, a green checkmark will appear; otherwise, a red line will show for the incorrect clues.

Solution: Orange Test Tub. Pan all the way to the left to see the test tubes

Core sample 10588-COS (the green color sample)

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