Gotham Knights – All Puzzle Solutions and Guide

There are 16 puzzles in Gotham Knights. To progress through the main story and side tasks, you must solve all of the puzzles. This tutorial will show you how to solve all of the puzzles in the game.

The way most of the puzzles work in the game is by connecting 2 correct clues. Mark a clue on the left and a clue on the right by pressing Square (PlayStation) / X (Xbox), then confirm with Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox). If the chosen clues are correct, a green checkmark will appear; otherwise, a red line will show for the incorrect clues.

Below are links to each Puzzle Solution:

Case 1.1: Crime Scene Hidden Door Code

Case 1.2: Autopsy Room Puzzle

Case 2.1: Locate Bugs

Case 2.2: Find a Way to Activate the Mechanism (Wires Locations)

Case 2.2: Shadow Bird Puzzle

Case 2.2: Escape Burning Tunnel Trap

Case 3.1: Map Puzzle

Case 3.2: Extract Viable Sample

Case 4.2: Floor Plate Puzzle

Case 5.2: Escape Labyrinth- Here you need to find your way through Spinning Metal Blades without getting killed.

Case 5.2: Owl Head Puzzle

Case 6.2: Sudoku Puzzle

Case 6.2: Breach Blast Door

Case 7.2: Solarium Lab Puzzle

Case 7.2: Align Frequencies

Case FR1.3: Open Vault Door & Search Clues in Vault

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