Film Projector Puzzle: House Beneviento | Resident Evil 8 Village

How to solve film projector puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village

You need to unlock the door of Doll Workshop & solve the Music Box Puzzle before this puzzle.

Puzzle Solution

    • Once you have collected Tweezers,  go back to Doll Workshop and interact with the doll mouth to extract the Film.
    • Now, head back to the Study, the room left off of the elevator with the white door.
    • Examine the note on the table to get the clue
    • Rearrange the film in the correct order to match the note: Correct Film Order (left to right):
      • Stuffed Monkey Toy
      • Village of Shadows Book
      • Baby Rose
      • Music Box
      • Hand with a Ring
    • Play the movie to open a secret passage.
    • Inside the secret passage, turn right and collect the scissors from the doll.
    • Also, examine below the dolls, you will find a secret passage leading to the Medicine Room after cutting the bandage.

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