Find a Hydrazine Tank | Dead Space Remake

Find a Hydrazine Tank (Chapter 2: Dead Space Remake)

This guide shows how to complete the Find a Hydrazine Tank objective in Chapter 2: Intensive Care in Dead Space Remake. Please note that you will be able to access some areas only from the story progression. So, if you are unable to open some doors then don’t fret as you will be able to access those areas later.

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The objective will start as you enter the Security Station. From Security Station, go through the door leading to Imaging Diagnostics Wing. Continue ahead in a linear path to reach the Imaging Diagnostics Wing. After entering, use Kinesis to move the big glass tube blocking the path as shown in the picture below. Now proceed ahead.

In the next room, you will find an elevator with a Circuit Breaker next to it. First, you will have to power up the Circuit Breaker by inserting a power cell into the socket next to it as shown in the picture below. The power cell is on a table in front of the socket as shown in the second picture below. Use Kinesis to lift the power cell. Then go near the socket while carrying the power cell, to insert it into the socket. This will power up the Circuit Breaker. Now use the Circuit Breaker to power the elevator.

Take the elevator to reach the upper level. Here you will find that the path is broken. Use Kinesis to move the platform toward the right as shown in the picture below to make a path.

Proceed ahead and use the locator to find the path leading to Zero-G Therapy. While on this path, you will enter your first vacuum in the game. While in the vacuum, the RIG will display the remaining time before the oxygen supply is depleted. Make your way across the vacuum in the given time.

After coming out of the vacuum, you will see Zero-G Therapy Maintenance straight ahead as shown in the pictures below. Use Zero Gravity Thrusters to fly and reach there. Go inside and you will find the Hydrazine Tank there.

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