Find a way out of the room | Owl Head Puzzle | Gotham Knights

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the objective “Find a way out of the room” in Case 4 of the game Gotham Knights. 

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Find a way out of the room – Solution

In this case, after exiting the labyrinth you will get locked in a room with a giant owl head that has light coming out of its mouth.

There are 4 pressure plates in the room. Two are on the grappling points on the walls and two are on the ground. You must stand on them and wait for the owl’s head to turn in your direction before proceeding to the next pressure plate before it resets.

Begin by grappling to the point at the far end of the room, opposite where you entered.

Second, stand on the floor plate closest to the first.

Third, take a step on the other floor plate

Fourth, use the grappling point above the door from where you entered.

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