Monty Golf: Find the Faz Camera in Monty Golf | Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach (2021). This guide will show how you can find Faz Camera in Monty Golf. You need to get Party Pass to get inside Monty Golf.

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Use the Party Pass to find the Faz Camera in Monty Golf

This mission starts from Freddy’s Room. Once you have the Party pass, go outside Freddy’s Room at Level-1 and enter the green garage door as shown in the below image. Go left until you reach another small garage door. Head inside and turn left to find a recharging station and a save station. Continue to follow the linear (ZigZag) path until you reach the last garage doors. Here you will arrive at the main stage again.

Go straight behind the Monty Golf model, next to the Rockstar Row. Enter the garage door behind the signage and give the Party Pass to the robot at the gate of Monty Golf. The location is marked on the map below.

Enter inside the  Monty Golf gate. Exit the elevator and go down the escalators next to the number 1 board as shown below.

At the bottom, take a left turn and wait near the sign “10 Par 5″  for the security bot to pass and then head inside as shown below.

Inside take a left turn to enter the bathroom (first door on the left) and then pass through the yellow door to reach a charging station. I have attached images below for reference.

Head straight to the cross 18 sign, and enter into Staff Only Door next to Monty’s Gator Club as shown below.

Enter inside and keep following the hallway until you reach a “save point” as shown below.

Enter the blue door next to the savepoint (on left) and enter another room with a metal door on the left. You will find The Faz Camera is on top of the chair. Also, collect the Mazercise Ticket and Level 5 Security badge from this room.

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