Flightless Bird Painting & Fire’s Deadly Sin Spell Locations | Elden Ring

  • Post published:March 20, 2022
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Elden Ring consists of several secrets hidden in plain sight. One such secret is paintings that will help you get some cool gear. You will several paintings across the map in Elden Ring. You need to go to the location where the painting was drawn and you will find some cool gear there.

Flightless Bird Painting Location

The painting is near the Fortified Manor First Floor Site of Grace. I will show how to reach there from the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace as shown in the pictures below.

From the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, go south and take the stairs down as shown below.

Continue ahead and turn left. Then jump down and enter the building ahead. If you find this door closed, then you might need to complete the Volcano Manor questline. Inside this building, you will find a room with a Site of Grace. The painting is inside this room with the Site of Grace as shown in the second picture below.

Fire’s Deadly Sin Spell Location

after you have collected the Flightless Bird Painting, go to the east side of Windmill Village in the Altus Plateau as shown in the pictures below. At the edge of the cliff, you will find an apparition of the painter as shown in the third picture below. Going near the apparition will make it disappear and then you can collect Fire’s Deadly Sin Spell there.

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