All Forerunner Artifacts Locations | Halo Infinite Collectible (Haruspis Achievement)

This guide shows the location of all 7 Forerunner Artifacts in Halo Infinite. Interacting with these artifacts unlocks audio logs that give you information bout the Forerunners and the origins of Zeta Halo. Collecting all 7 Forerunner Artifact unlocks Haruspis Achievement. You can check the artifacts you have collected, in the Forerunner Archives section of the Database.

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Forerunner Artifact 1/7

Artifact I is on top of the mountain south of Excavation Site as shown in the pictures below.

Forerunner Artifact 2/7

Artifact II is southeast of Outpost Tremonius.

Forerunner Artifact 3/7

Artifact III is southeast of Ransom Keep.

Forerunner Artifact 4/7

Artifact IV is on top of the mountain northeast of FOB Golf as shown below.

Forerunner Artifact 5/7

Artifact V is northeast of FOB Juliet as shown below.

Forerunner Artifact 6/7

Artifact VI is northeast of FOB Hotel as shown below.

Forerunner Artifact 7/7

Artifact VII is north of FOB November as shown below.

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