Foundation Collectibles Locations (Skull, Audio Logs) | Halo Infinite Campaign

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles (2 UNSC Audio Logs, 1 Skull, 1 Banished Audio Log) in the Foundation mission in the Halo Infinite campaign. 1 UNSC Audio Log will be unlocked automatically during the mission. If you miss a collectible and complete the mission, then you won’t be able to get the collectible without restarting the campaign.

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Foundation: Skull

During the ‘Follow the Signal’ objective, you will have a cutscene with Cortana. After that, ascend on the blue platform as shown below. Then continue ahead in the blue corridor.

After going through the door in the blue corridor, turn left and proceed until you see a small platform as shown below.

Get up on the platform, then turn around and look up. You will see the skull up above on the left side as shown below. Grapple up on the platform as shown in the picture below.

Look in the direction of the skull and you will see another platform where you can grapple to. The location is quite dark and it might be a little difficult to spot the platform. Increase the brightness if you are unable to see the platform. Once you have grappled to this platform, you will find the skull here (see the second picture below).

Foundation: Banished Audio Log

During the ‘Reach the Surface’ objective, you will have to go through a door with a blue beam of light coming from above it as shown below. The audio log is on the left side of the door.

Foundation: UNSC Audio Log

During the mission, you will have to find a Power Seed for the elevator. To find it you will reach a large room with a bridge. At the end of the bridge, you will find the audio log near the power seed.

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