Francia: All Weapon Locations | The Siege of Paris DLC | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Collectibles Guide & Walkthrough

There are a total of 6 collectible weapons in the Francia region introduced in ‘Seige of Paris’ DLC of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This article shows the location of all the 6 collectible weapons and how to get them. There are a few more weapons that you will get automatically during the main missions. This article does not cover those unmissable weapons that you get automatically by completing the main missions.

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#1 Joyeuse Sword (Paris)

Joyeuse Sword is inside a wealth chest in Lutetia Bureau. Lutetia Bureau is in the southwest portion of Paris. Drop down the opening as shown in the picture below to enter the Bureau.

Note: You will need 3 Hidden One’s Keys to enter the Bureau (Click Here for Location of the keys)

Drop down the hole and proceed in the linear path to reach a locked door. Use the 3 Hidden One’s keys to unlock the door to enter the Hidden Ones’ Bureau.

After you have unlocked the door, jump to the opposite corner and take an explosive. Then jump down and use the explosive to break the stone wall. In the next room, you will find the wealth chest containing Joyeuse.

#2 Scythe of Tribulation (Paris)

Scythe of Tribulation is inside a wealth chest in the Flooded Slums in Paris. At the location highlighted with a yellow arrow in the picture below, you will find a tomb in a flooded cemetery. Enter the tomb and swim down, then turn right. At the end of the path, turn right and swim up the stairs to get out of the water. Move ahead in a linear path and you will finally reach the room with the chest. Slide down the gap on the wall to reach the wealth chest containing Scythe of Tribulation.

#3 Durendal (Evresin)

Durendal Short Sword is in a wealth chest in the Aquila area. The chest is inside a well. Break the wooden plant covering the top of the well and then jump inside to get the wealth.

#4 Bloodied Scythe (Amienois)

Bloodied Scythe is inside a wealth chest in Champlieu Ruins in Pontem Esera. The door to the room containing the chest is locked. The key to the chest is on an enemy at the entrance of Pontem Esera.

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#5 Wretched Scythe (Amienois)

Wretched Scythe is inside a Wealth Chest in Murmuliacum at the location shown in the picture below. To reach the house you will need a key that is on the top floor of the house (see the third picture below). To reach the chest, destroy the wooden blockage covering a hole at the south side of the house (see the third picture below) and jump down the hole. Use the key that you collected from the top floor to open the locked door. In the next room, a sliding panel is blocking the path to the next room. Move the sliding panel and go inside to open the chest and get the Wretched Scythe.

#6 Egbert Short Sword (Melunois: Pruvinis Mystery)

To get the sword you will need to complete a mystery event called ‘Ulfberht sword’. Go to Pruvinis (ruined fort) which is in the eastern part of the Melunois region (See pictures below) and take the ‘Map to thieves camp’ from the table to start the mystery event. The map points to the Ulfberht sword. You need to obtain the Ulfberht Sword to complete this mystery event.

Ulfberht Sword Location

Ulfberht Sword can be found in Blihaut which is on the northeast corner of the Melunois region (check out the images below). The Norse man (thief) standing in front of the small waterfall has the Ulfberht Sword. Talk to him to get the sword and complete the mystery event (You will get Egbert Short Sword on completing the mystery). You’ll have three choices to get the sword:
– Charm him to give you the sword (charisma level 2 required).
– Buy the sword for 3000 bucks.
– Kill him and get the sword.

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