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Fringefolk Hero’s Grave Guide in Elden Ring

This guide shows how to traverse through the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon and all the secret items that you can get there.

You can go to Fringefolk Hero’s Grave through Stranded Graveyard, which is the tutorial area of the game. In front of the Stranded Graveyard’s site of grace, you will see a mist wall blocking the path as shown in the picture below. You will need 2 Stoneswords Keys to clear the path. Click here to see the location of early game Stoneswords Keys.

Once the path is clear, jump down and continue forward. Soon you will encounter a Mechanical Chariot, which cannot be destroyed by weapons. Beginning at the start of the path, wait for the machine to roll up and turn around. When the machine is rolling down, quicky run forward and hide behind the pillar as shown in the picture below.

When the chariot starts rolling up again, run forward and go behind the pillar as shown below. Jump down from there to the lower level.

Quickly run down the slope until you reach a narrow bridge. Before the chariot catches up, quickly jump down from the right side of this bridge as shown in the pictures below.

Continue ahead in the path and you will find a fire-spitting machine. When the firetrap is triggered, run back to the safe point. When the fire stops, quickly run forward and hide behind the pillar as shown below before the second wave of fire comes. When the fire stops again, quickly come out and spring ahead and go to the path behind the machine.

Erdtree’s Favor Talisman

The path behind the machine will lead you to an area with a bridge. Cross the bridge to pick up Erdtree’s Favor Talisman. Here you will have to defeat two tough enemies. The talisman raises Maximum HP, Stamina, and Equid Load.

Stonesword Key

After collecting the Talisman, jump down from the left side of the bridge as shown below.

From there, jump further down to a shallow pool of water as shown below.

Climb up the stairs here and you will come to a room with an elevator. Pull the level as shown below to call the elevator. Then stand at the center of the elevator and go up with it.

After the elevator stops, climb up the stairs and collect the Stonesword key as shown below.

Erdtree Greatbow

After collecting the key, go to its left. Here you will see three pots hanging from the ceiling as shown in the picture below. The mechanical chariot rolls below these pots. You will have to shoot the rope holding the pots so that the pots drop on the chariot and destroy it. Since there are 3 pots, you will have 3 chances to destroy the chariot. If you fail, then you will have to rest to make the pots appear again. If you succeed in destroying the chariot, it will remain destroyed for the entire game. Since the chariot moves fast, this is quite difficult. A good trick is to hear for the distinct clunking sound when the chariot hits the bottom of the slope, which is just before the point where the pots are hanging. Shoot the rope as soon as you hear the clunking sound. If you succeed in destroying the chariot, you will receive Erdtree Greatbow.

Dragon Communion Seal

After the chariot is destroyed, go down the slope until you reach an area where one path is going up and one down. Take the path up and you will reach a room with an Elite Spirit Guardian as shown below. Defeat it to get Dragon Communion Seal.

Banished Knight Oleg

Take the path down the slope and go till the end when you reach the fog door. Enter the fog door and defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss to get Banished Knight Oleg.

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    Thanks for this guide! feel like i was way under levelled, but following along i managed to get all of the loot, even if i skipped the 2 ambushing enemies on the bridge…

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    Excellent guide! One little thing, after getting the talisman I jumped down in the wrong place. You could add something like “jump down at the second light on the floor to the left side of the bridge, seen as walking towards the talisman” or you could add one overview picture like you did for the previous jump. Just my 2 cents…

    Thanks for the guide!.

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    Great guide. I just wish all ulcerated tree spirits were this wimpy.

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