Gotham Knights – Solve the Puzzle in the Powers Club (OWL LIGHT BIRD PUZZLE)

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the objective “Solve the puzzle” at Court of Owls Hideout in the Gotham Knights Case 2. In this case, you will have to interact with a spotlight to shine a bright light at a wall and then interact with the figures to form a shadow bird on the wall.

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How to Solve the Puzzle 

To solve the puzzle you have to rotate the figures on the table to block the light from the lamp and form a shadow bird on the wall. 

#1 Figure 1 (Talons) = 1 Click

#2 Figure 2 (Beak) = 2 Clicks

#3 Figure 3 (Wing 1) = 3 Clicks

#4 Figure 4 (Wing 2) = 3 Clicks (it may take a fourth click to trigger the cutscene)

The wall behind the bird will reveal a hidden path once the whole bird’s shadow is visible at the wall.

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