Herta Space Station: Base Zone – All Chests Location | Honkai Star Rail

Herta Space Station comprises several regions, such as the Base Zone, Storage Zone, etc., and each contains a specific quantity of treasure chests for players to discover. This article will guide you to find all 9 Base Zone Treasure Chests.

1) Basic Treasure Chest

The first basic chest is located inside the southernmost room of the Base Zone.

2) Basic Treasure Chest

Chest us near some decorative plants.

3) Basic Treasure Chest

The chest is below the staircase, south of the Space anchor.

4) Basic Treasure Chest

Head upstairs to locate the chest near a glass room.

5) Basic Treasure Chest

Go to the left chamber on the norther part of the Base Zone to find the chest in middle of the room.

6) Basic Treasure Chest

You need to complete the quest “Road to Revival” to open the door and access the chest.

7) Basic Treasure Chest

Need Level -1 Authentication Card to access the door.

8) Precious Treasure Chest

Defeat the formidable foe to unlock the chest.

9) Precious Treasure Chest

Need to unlock Triple Authentication Door. Head inside and defeat all the enemies to unlock the chest.

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