How to Collect Cressida’s Flying Books in Hogwarts Legacy

This walkthrough will guide you through the objective “Collect Cressida’s flying books from the library” of the sidequest Flying off the Shelves that begins in Central Hall in the game Hogwarts Legacy.

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Talk to Cressida Blume (NPC) near a statue up the stairs to Central Hall. She claims to be working on a charm to make her books float. The charm misfired, and her books are now flying about the Library. She requests that you go into the Library and retrieve books for her. To retrieve you need to use Accio.

How to unlock Accio

Accio will be unlocked during the first few hours of arriving at Hogwarts. After unlocking Levioso in Professor Hecat’s Defense Against Dark Arts class, you will be sent to Professor Ronen’s charms class, where you will learn the Accio spell.

Collect Cressida’s flying books from the library

Head to the Library, which is located at the bottom of the stairs on the right. You will be in the lower section of the library after entering it. There are five books to gather in all. Three will be on the bottom section, and two will be on the upper section.

Look up and you will see books flying around. Use Accio to catch three books out of the air from the lower area. One book is middle of the room and two are flying around on the side of the library between the shelves. You can use Revelio to see the book through the shelves.

Another 2x book flying can be caught from the second floor. Simply glance in that direction and use Accio to gather them. Two books are flying between the shelves.

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