How to Complete Rhea’s Instructions in Chapter 3 – Scarlet City (Lust from Beyond)

Rhea’s instructions: Chapter 3 – Scarlet City (Lust from beyond)

Objective: Follow Rhea’s instructions

After entering Eden’s theater hall,  you have to follow Rhea’s instructions

  • Pull apart trees: Climb onto the theater’s stage using the door at the other end of the stage and move two big displaying boards.
  • Lower the cross: Victor has to bring the hanging cross down. Use the pulley to lower the hanging cross. Pulley is fitted on the stage wall as displayed in the image.
  • Take the key from under Rhea’s balcony: A dead body is lying under Rhea’s balcony. Collect the key.
  • Light the candles: Go to the theater’s balcony by using the door. Use the key to unlock the door behind the last row of chairs to reach the balcony. Here you have to collect 5 matches to light candles and censers (3 on the table + 2 on the balcony’s wooden railing). Light candles using the matches.


  • Light the censers: Light all three censers using matches collected.


  • Start the spotlight on the balcony: Switch On the spotlight on the balcony.


  • Put the body part in the bin in the backroom: Dispose of all four body parts in the dustbin in the backroom. You can carry only one body part at a time.

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