How to Defeat Boss Tim in Chapter 11 – Dancing in Red (Lust from Beyond)

Tim Boss fight: Lust from Beyond

This walkthrough of “Lust from Beyond” and will guide you through all the steps required to stop defeat Boss Tim Chapter 11 Dancing in the Red of Lust from Beyond.

Objective: Defeat Tim

Coming out of the BloodHouse continue to walk straight. There you will find a couple dancing. There take the left door to reach that location. Here Victor has to defeat Boss Tim.

How to defeat Tim (Boss fight)

Stand near the leaking steam pipe. When Tim gets near the leaking pipe, use the knife/gun to break the pipe. The gush of steam will weaken Tim, and he will fall on his knees for few seconds. Use this opportunity to shoot Tim. Repeat this process 3-4 times to kill Tim.

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