How to Evolve Dunsparce into Dudunsparce | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

This article will show you how to evolve Dunsparce into Dudunsparce in the game Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which is released on 18 November 2022.

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How to evolve Dunsparce into Dudunsparce

A player can evolve Dunsparce into Dudunsparce by teaching it the move “Hyper Drill”. Once you have a Dunsparce pokemon in your party, you need to level it up until it learns a particular move – “Hyper Drill”.

Dunsparce learns this move at level 32. Once it learns the move, it will evolve into a Dudunsparce, which is essentially a Dunsparce with two segments.

Where to find Dudunsparce Location

A player can find Dudunsparce crawling around the caves of Area Zero in the late game.

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