How To Fast Travel Using Portals | Valheim

  • Post published:February 24, 2021
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To fast travel in Valheim you will need to craft a Portal. You can fast travel from one Portal to another having the same Tag.

You will be able to craft portals after killing the first boss ‘Eikthyr’ and travelling to the Black Forest.

How To Craft Portals in Valheim

To craft Portal You need a workbench in the range and following items:

  • 10 Greydwarf Eyes (Get by killing Greydwarf in Black Forest)
  • 20 Finewood (How to get Fine wood)
  • 2 Surtling Core (Get Inside Burial Chambers in the Black forest)

How To activate Portals

After crafting a portal, interact with it to get the option to give it a tag. Now when you construct another portal, give it the same tag to be able to travel back and forth.

If you already have two portals having the same tag then creating a third portal and giving it the same tag wont work. 

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