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This guide will show how to complete the objective “How to Find Dr. Giblets on Zephyr” in the fifth bounty mission “Dr. Giblets Bounty” of the game High On Life, released on 13 December 2022.

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Return home after sparking with Clugg. Enter the portal again to return to the home. Interact with the screen to find Dr. Giblets location.

Select the option on the screen and then enter the portal again. Dr. Giblets is at Zephyr paradise > Deep Jungle.


After exiting the portal you will be in the Jungle region. Continue to follow the waypoint.

Use the zipline to cross the river. Use the fan plant to create a temporary platform by shooting the green buds.

Continue ahead until you reach a small cave. Enter the cave, take the first right turn, and exit from the other side. Defeat all the enemies you encounter.

Continue to follow the waypoint and after reaching the Moplet Village defeat all the enemies. From the Moplet Village continue to follow the waypoint and enter Mining Site.

Enter the door on the right and continue to follow the waypoint to find the mining site.

In the Mining Site, continue to follow the waypoint until you reach a river. Use the magnetic wall on the other side to continue your journey.

On your way, you will meet a Moplet who is dying.

Investigate Dr. Giblets’ Base

Inside the base use the waypoint to highlight the dead one and other instruments that you need to scan to open the next gate.

Scan three more items to open next door.

Scan three more items.

Defeat all the enemies and follow the waypoint to reach Dr. Giblets

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