How to find Legendary Chi-Yu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

This article will show you where to find Legendary Pokemon Chi-Yu in the game Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which is released on 18 November 2022.

Paldea Pokedex: #396 Chi-Yu
Type: Dark/Fire
Evolution: No Evolution
Characteristics: It controls flames burning at over 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit. It casually swims through the sea of lava it creates by melting rock and sand.

Chi-Yu Location

Only after collecting all eight blue stakes dispersed over the Paldea Region will you be able to fight Chi-Yu. After obtaining all eight, your character will be informed that a Shrine leading to Chi-Yu has opened.

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How to Get to Chi-Yu’s Shrine

Chi-Yu’s Shrine can be found near the North Province (Area Two). The location of Chi-Yu’s Shrine is marked on the map below.

Head to the location and activate your Ride Pokemon and climb your way up the nearby waterfall. Keep climbing up the waterfall until you find yourself inside a cave.

Interact with the glowing Shrine to face off against Chi-Yu!

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