How to Follow Nicole’s Hologram | Scientific Methods | Dead Space Remake

Follow Nicole’s Hologram (Scientific Methods)

This guide shows how to complete the Follow Nicole’s Hologram objective in the Scientific Methods side mission in Dead Space Remake. This objective starts as you enter the emergency room at Ishimura Clinic during Chapter 2 as shown in the picture below.

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After you get the objective, go next to the medical bed in the emergency room and play the hologram as shown in the picture below. When the hologram ends, you will see Nicole disappear into the corner of the room.

Near this corner, you will see a Circuit Breaker as shown in the picture below. Interact with the circuit breaker and power the shower as shown in the second picture below.

Now turn left and you will see an emergency shower in the corner. Use Kinesis on the Emergency Shower and move it towards the left. This will reveal a secret room behind the Emergency Shower. Go inside and collect the audio log kept on the table there. This will complete the objective. You won’t be able to do the next objective right now. For that, you will need to progress in the story. You will be able to do the next objective in Chapter 3.

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