How to get Henrietta’s Hideaway Collection Chest | Hogwarts Legacy

Henrietta’s Hideaway Collection Chest

This guide shows how to get the collection chest in Henrietta’s Hideaway in Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. Henrietta’s Hideaway is near the southern edge of the map as shown in the pictures below.

After entering Henrietta’s Hideaway, turn left and light the torch in front of the statue by using the Incendio spell. This will make the statue rotate, revealing a cube. Use the Accio spell on the cube and place it on the plate in front of the wall. Now use Incendio spell on the left cube and Glacius spell on the right cube as shown in the picture below. This will reveal a door behind the cubes.

Proceed ahead and defeat all the enemies in the next area. There you will see a torch in front of a sculpture on the south side of the Hippogriff Statue as shown in the picture below. Lighting the torch will turn around the sculpture, revealing a pressure plate. Stand on the pressure plate to get to the secret room behind the sculpture.

In the secret room, you will find a cube as shown in the picture below. Lift the cube and place it on a plate in the same room as shown in the second picture below. Then use Incendio on the cube. Now stand on the pressure plate to go back to the previous room.

Now go down the stairs on the north side of the Hippogriff Statue. Go straight ahead and it will lead you to a locked gate. Behind this gate, you will see another cube as shown in the picture below. Use Wingardium Leviosa to place this cube on the plate as shown in the picture below. This will unlock the gate. Now proceed ahead to get the collection chest.

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  1. Shaun Herbert

    Missed a whole section.. You can jump over the sliding floors to find a secondary quest for the bells, as well as a few more chests by solving a puzzle box through another gate.

    1. Jonathan McBee

      Thank you, Shaun. That was very useful to me since I’m trying to complete all the collections for the platinum trophy. Really, very much appreciated!

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