Life In The Sands: How To Get Pink Moonflower Seed in NieR Replicant

Gardening is one of the many side activities that can be performed in Nier Replicant Version 1.22. There is even a Legendary gardener Trophy attached with it that gives you Lunar Tear, which holds quite a significance in NieR Lore.

The gardening mini-game is based on real-life timing. After planting a seed it takes 24 real-life hours for it to grow. If remained unharvested for 24 more hours, the plant will die. The dead plant can be harvested to get seeds. If the plant remains dead for too long then the seed cannot be harvested and the dead plant will be needed to be discarded. Though gardening is real life time based, time can be skipped by changing the system time on PC and Xbox. On PS4/PS5 time cannot be changed but the time zone can be changed to help to skip the time.

To start gardening you will first need to complete the Shopping List‘ side quest that you can get by talking to a woman NPC in the market area of Nier Village during the first half of the game. Finishing the quest will unlock one row of the gardening areas outside your house.

In order to get rare Moonflower Seeds, you will need to unlock the three rows of gardening area. The second row of gardening can be unlocked by completing ‘A Return to Shopping‘ side quest that you get from the florist in Nier Village during the first half.  The third gardening row can be unlocked during the second half of the game by purchasing Cultivator’s Handbook from the florist in Nier Village.

There is a total of seven Moonflower seeds in the game (Red, Blue, Gold, Indigo, Peach Pink, and White). Out of these seven only Red, Blue, and Gold Moonflower Seeds can be purchased. The rest of the seeds need to be harvested by cross-breeding these three moonflowers. This article will show how to get the Pink Moonflower Seeds.

Nier Replicant: How to Get Pink Moonflower Seeds

You will get the objective to find ten Moonflower seeds during the side quest ‘Life in the Sands’. You can pick the quest from a masked woman standing beside the mailbox near the entrance of Facade. 

In Nier Replicant Pink Moonflower color seeds cannot be purchased. They have to be crossbred by planting other seeds in the garden outside Nier’s house.
From Seafront grocery shop purchase Red, blue and gold Moonflower seeds.

First, you need to Cross-pollinate Blue Moonflower and Gold Moonflower to get Indigo moonflower. Plant Blue & Gold seeds alternatively in a row. Seeds need to be planted in an alternating pattern in the garden to obtain the new color seeds after they have grown. It will take 24 real-life hours for the plants to grow. Only some of the planted seeds will crossbreed to grow into Indigo Moonflower. In order to get the seeds do not harvest the Indigo Moonflowers at this point. The plants will die after 24 more real-life hours. Once the Indigo Moonflower is dead you can harvest it to get Indigo seeds.

Moonflower seed farming
Moonflower seed farming

Now plant alternatively, Red & Indigo Seeds in the same way. This gives you few Pink Moonflowers. Let the Pink Moonflowers die and then harvest them to get Pink Moonflower Seeds.

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