How to get the Compound Bow in Sons of the Forest

This walkthrough will guide you on where to find Compound Bow in the game Sons Of The Forest. If you’re in search of a potent and dependable ranged weapon in Sons of the Forest, the Compound Bow is a suitable choice. This non-craftable weapon is ideal for hunting and eliminating mutants from a distance without creating any noise.

How to Find the Compound Bow in Sons of the Forest

To discover the Compound Bow in Sons of the Forest, you must first obtain a Shovel, as it is concealed underground and you must dig out the entrance to the subterranean bunker. The location of Compound Bow is on the southern part of the island, slightly west of the airplane crash site by the Maintenance Area B dig site. I have marked the location on the map.

Upon arriving at the site, use the Shovel and excavate until you uncover the hatch that serves as the entrance to the bunker.

Proceed into the bunker and travel along the corridor until you find an open door on your right.

Enter the room and go to the far-right side to find a bedroom. Then continue into the bathroom to find the Compound Bow on the ground next to the corpse leaning over the bathtub.

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