Secret Base in Grand Underground | Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP)

This guide shows how to reach the Grand Underground, and how to make a Secret Base in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP), released on 19th November 2021. To reach the Grand Underground, you will need to get an Explorer Kit.

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How to get Explorer Kit

You will get the Explorer Kit in the Underground Man’s House, which is right next to Pokémon Center in Eterna City as shown in the picture below. Enter the house and talk to the Underground Man to receive the Explorer Kit. The Explorer Kit will be in your Bag’s Key Items pocket.

How to reach Grand Underground

Once you have the Explorer Kit, go to your Bag’s Key Items pocket and use the Explorer Kit to enter the Grand Underground. When you are done exploring the Grand Underground, press ‘Y’ to exit.

How To Make Secret Base in Underground

Visit the Grand Undergorung at least once and go back to the Underground Man and talk to him again. he will ask you to dig treasure for him in the Grand Underground.

Go back to the Grand Underground, and look for the locations marked with a yellow diamond on the minimap. Pressing ‘R’ at such locations will reveal a glowing spot on the wall. Dig the wall at this spot and you might find a treasure as shown below.

Once you have found a treasure, go back to the Underground Man, and you will receive a Digger Drill from him.

Now go back to the Grand Underground, and use the Digger Drill to make a Secret base at the location of your choice. Walk to any wall, and Press ‘A’ to place the Secret base. Once inside, you can place different statues that will give you a different boost while down in the underground. You can find more statues by digging the walls, the same way you got the treasure before.

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