How to Reach Birgir’s Location | God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok: Reach Birgir’s Location

This guide shows how to Reach Birgir’s Location for the For Vanaheim Favour/ Side Quest in God of War Ragnarok. The quest starts automatically as you enter the crater region. You must complete the Scent of Survival Favor in order to unlock The Crater region.

Reach Birgir’s Location

The location of Birgir’s cave entrance is shown in the picture below. From the crater entrance gateway, climb up the wall on the north side. Then turn left and drop down the wall between two pillars as shown in the second picture below. Now turn left and you will see a branch coming out from the rock as shown in the third picture below. Use the hook on the branch to jump to the other side and climb up the wall ahead

After climbing up the wall, turn left and you will see a small puddle of water. The entrance to Birgir’s cave is on the right side of the puddle as shown below. You cannot open the gate in the morning. To change the time of the day, you need to go to the Celestrial Altar behind the puddle. To reach the altar, take the path on the left side of the entrance and continue until you reach a small tunnel on the left side as shown in the second picture below. Use the hook in the tunnel to jump to the other side. Then go left and climb up the wall ahead to reach the Celestrial Altar. Interact with it to change the time to NIGHT.

Now jump down from the wast side of the altar. Turn left and defeat the enemies in front of the gate. Then open the gate and proceed ahead. Proceed ahead and enter the small tunnel on the right side as shown in the second picture below. Squeeze through the small gap in the wall inside the tunnel. After coming out you will have to fight The Crimson Dead dragon. After defeating the dragon, climb up the wall ahead as shown in the third picture below, and talk to Birgir. After talking to Birgir, turn right and interact with the mystic gateway ahead to complete the quest.

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