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Deeproot Depths is an underground area in Elden Ring. You can reach there through Nokron Eternal City. In this guide, I will show how to reach Deeproot Depths from Nokron Eternal City. If you don’t know how to reach Nokron, then click here to check our guide.

How to reach Deeproot Depths

After entering Nokron, jump on the roofs to reach the slanted building. Then jump on the roof ahead of it as shown in the pictures below.

Then jump on the ledge ahead and climb up the window on the left side to enter the building as shown in the picture below.

From here, jump down and proceed straight ahead to reach the Nokron Eternal City Site of Grace as shown below.

From the SIte of Grace, walk out through the door. Then go through the gate on the right side as shown in the picture below.

After walking through the gate, walk down the stairs till you reach the bottom. Then turn right and proceed ahead until you reach Mimic Tear boss lair. Defeat the boss to unlock the path to the bridge on the north side.

Go north on the bridge and exit through the gate as shown below.

After exiting through the gate, go down the path on the left side as shown in the picture below. Then follow the paved path.

The paved path will lead you to Hallowhorn Grounds as shown below. Go to the woods behind the Hallowhorn Grounds.

Continue north in the woods. You will see a few jellyfish on the way. When you reach the edge, go to the left corner as shown below. The location of this point is shown in the second picture below.

From the corner of the cliff, jump down on the ground below and continue ahead as shown below.

At the end of the path, jump down on the beam and then jump down on the building ahead as shown below. You will be in the Siofra Aqueduct now.

In the Siofra Aqueduct, continue on the path towards the north. Climb up the stairs and then go right. This will take you to a waterfall as shown below. Go right here to reach the balcony. From there, take the stairs ahead to reach Great Waterfall Basin.

Defeat the boss in the Great Waterfall Basin and go to the waterfall. Rest in the coffin below the waterfall, and it will take you to Deeproot Depths.

Deeproot Depths Map Location

After reaching Deeproot Depths, turn right and ride on the tree branch going west. When this branch ends, jump to another branch on the left side to reach the ground ahead as shown in the pictures below.

Continue ahead towards the west and you will reach Deeproot Depths Site of Grace as shown below.

From the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace, turn right and walk underneath the tree roots as shown in the pictures below.

As you continue ahead, you will reach a gazebo. You will find the map on this gazebo as shown in the picture below. The second picture below shows the exact location of the map.

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