Leave the Forest Array | Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Leave the Forest Array

This guide shows how to complete the “Leave the Forest Array” objective in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, which released on 28th April 2023. This objective starts after you reach Rehabilitation Wing at the end of  Reach the Forest Array objective.

Go to the top level of the Rehabilitation Wing and hang on the rod outside as shown in the picture below.

Proceed ahead while hanging on the rod and then climb up the platform ahead. There you will see a zipline as shown in the picture below. Use the zipline to reach the surface down ahead.

After getting down from the zipline, you will see a Relter there. Use the Relter to fly through the mountains to reach Nekko Pools meditation point as shown in the pictures below. The objective end as you reach there. The objective Check on the Mantis starts as you arrive at Nekko Pools.

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