Legends of the Stone Lock Hidden World Quest | Genshin Impact 3.0 Sumeru

This guide shows how to complete the world quest “Legends of the Stone Lock” in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0. Legends of the Stone Lock is a hidden World Quest in Sumeru. The player must clear all sixteen Stone Pillar Seals in Sumeru and defeat the Ruin Machines

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Once all the sixteen Stone Pillar Seals are cleared you can see this world quest on your quest page.

Go to the cavern Aradashan mentioned

As the quest starts, you need to go to the cavern which Aradashan has mentioned. This location is north of Pardis Dhyai. You will meet Aradashan at the cavern and will tell you to defeat the “Bulky Iron Chunk” beneath the lake.

Go to the seal’s location at the bottom of the lake

Go to the place mentioned to you by Aradashan. Glide down to the bottom of the Lake and go inside the cave.

Challenge the Bulky Iron Chunk

Once you reached the seal’s location break the seals around the Perpetual Mechanical Array and defeat it and finally talk with Aradashan to complete the quest.

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