Manius’s Sanctum Tomb Guide | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Tombs of the Fallen

This guide shows how to solve the puzzles in Manius Sanctum Tomb and the complete walkthrough of the Tomb. Manius Sanctum is the first tomb that gets unlocked in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.4.0 update, released on 9th November 2021.

The tomb is south of Ravensthorpe Settlement as shown in the picture below. The tomb can be unlocked quite early in the game. Once you have reached England and unlocked Ravensthorpe Settlement, go to the docks in the settlement. Here you will find some people. Talk to them for a cutscene to start. After the cutscene, the tomb will be unlocked. At the highlighted location, you can see a rock with a glowing symbol on it (See the second picture below). Interact with the symbol, and the rock will disappear, revealing the entrance to the tomb. Click here to see the walkthrough of all 4 tombs.

Manius Sanctum Tomb Walkthrough

Once the tomb entrance is revealed, go inside and jump down. Then proceed in a linear path until you have to squeeze through a thin gap on the wall to reach a room with two pressure plates. Certain pressure plates can be activated with movable structures and others require a specific object placed on them.

Pressure Plate Puzzle

Break the wooden wall as shown in the picture below. Inside, you will find a movable structure. Move the structure to the top of the pressure plate.

Then climb up the wall on the other side of the room as shown below. Here, you will find a lever. Pull the lever and an object will come out from the ground. Carry the object to the second pressure plate and place it there. This will open the locked door. Go through the door to the next room.

Tombs of the Fallen Map

In this room, use the zipline to slide down. Interact with the giant stone in the room as shown below. This will make the stone glow, revealing the map of England, with the location of the 4 Tombs of the Fallen marked on it.

Manius’s Workshop Key

On the front of the map, you will find a key placed on the top of a table as shown below.

Fallen Hero Cape

Use the key to open the locked door on the left side of the room as shown below. Enter the room and go to the end of the path to find a chest. Open the chest to get the Fallen Hero Cape. This will also complete the Manius Sanctum Tomb

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