Manually Ignite the Engines (Chapter 3) | Dead Space Remake

How to Manually Ignite the Engines

This guide shows how to complete the Manually Ignite the Engines objective in Chapter 3: Course Correction in Dead Space Remake. Please note that you will be able to access some areas only from the story progression. So, if you are unable to open some doors then don’t fret as you will be able to access those areas later.

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This objective starts after you have activated the centrifuge. As the objective starts, turn around and enter the elevator in front of the console that you used to start the centrifuge. Take the elevator down. Step out of the elevator and walk on the platform in a clockwise direction. Here you have to be cautious of the rotating blades on the centrifuge. When a blade approaches you, hide in the alcoves in the wall as shown in the picture below. In the third alcove, you will find an elevator. Take it to reach the upper level.

Step out of the elevator and go through the door on the right side. Here you will be attacked by a giant tentacle. Shoot on the boils on the tentacle as shown in the picture below to get rid of it.

Now head back to the control room. Use the locator and it will guide you to it. After reaching the control room, go through the door on the right side of the save station. This will take you to a room with two giant fans. The door there leading to the engine room won’t have any power. Use Statis to slow down the giant fan on the left side as shown in the picture below. Then use your thrusters to fly between the blades and reach the area behind the fan. There you will find a circuit breaker. Use it to power the Airlock 2. This will power the door. Now again use Statis on the giant fan and fly back to the main platform and go through the door.

As you proceed, you will find another tentacle blocking the path. Shoot the boils to clear the path. In the next area, you will find the Flamethrower weapon. after that squeeze through the narrow passage to reach the next room. Take the elevator there going down. Clear your path by shooting the boils then take another elevator going down. In this area, you will see a malfunctioning door as shown in the picture below. Use Statis to slow down the door and proceed ahead. If your Statis is not charged, then you can recharge it in the station inside a small room in this area.

Proceed in a linear path to reach the engine room. There you will hear a warning about the engine power failure and that you need to replace the cell. To bring back the power, you will need to insert a battery into the socket in the Power Substation 03 as shown in the picture below. Climb up the ramp in front of Power Substation 03 to find the power cell as shown in the second picture below. Use Kinesis to lift the power cell and then take it to the socket and insert it inside to bring back the power.

Defeat the enemies and go to the console on the platform above as shown in the picture below. When the engines are ready, confirm ignition on the console. This will complete the objective.

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