Map to Thieves Camp: Ulfberht Sword Location | The Siege of Paris DLC | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This article will show you the location of Ulfberht Sword as pointed by the treasure map (Map to Thieves Camp) in the Melunois region of Francia. The map of Francia/France was introduced in the ‘Seige of Paris’ DLC, which was released on 12th Aug 2021. The Siege of Paris is the second expansion of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The video link at the bottom of the page will also show you te location of Ulfberht Sword.

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Map to Thieves Camp

The map to thieves camp (which points to the Ulfberht sword) can be found in Pruvinis (ruined fort) which is on the eastern part of the Melunois region. The map to thieves camp is lying on the ground behind the crates. You need to obtain the Ulfberht Sword to complete this mystery event. Look at the images below.

Ulfberht Sword Location

Ulfberht Sword can be found in Blihaut which is on the northeast corner of the Melunois region (check out the images below). The Norse man (thief) standing in front of the small waterfall has the Ulfberht Sword. Talk to him to get the sword and complete the mystery event. You’ll have three choices:
– Charm him to give you the sword (charisma level 2 required).
– Buy the sword for 3000 bucks.
– Kill him and get the sword.

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