Monty Mystery Mix: How to Lure Chica into the Kitchen Trash Compacter | Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach (2021). This guide will show how you can lure Chia into the Kitchen Trash Compacter in FNAF Security Breach. To be able to complete this mission, you need to get Bowling Pass from the Fazer Blast Security Office.

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Find the Monty Mystery Mix in Bonnie Bowl

After collecting the Bowling Pass from the Fazer Blast Security Office, go to the Bonnie Bowl in the Atrium Third Level using the elevator. Give the  Bowling Pass to the robot at the gate of Bonnie Bowl.

Inside Bonnie Bowl, follow the hallway take left at the first garage door and the right to reach the second garage door. Pass through the second garage door and look for the Ice Cream-Bonnie Bowl-Drinks counter on the left side, as shown below. Head back to the backroom to collect Monty Mystery Mix and a memo. Read the memo first. It gives you a big clue on how to proceed.

Now, your next goal is to go to the kitchen in Basement-1. Backtrack to level-1, and take the elevator behind the Icecream shop at Level-1. This will take you to basement-1

Use Monty Mystery Mix in Kitchen Compactor

Follow the hallway and then take a right, cross two doors to reach the Trash Compactor location as marked on the map. Get out of Freddy’s suit and Place the Monty Mystery Mix in the Trash Compactor

Now, go to the storage room in the back-left door of the Kitchen to switch ON the Generator. At this moment Chica will start chasing you. Sprint back to the Trash Compactor in the kitchen and hide near a metal table. A cut scene starts playing where Chia starts eating the Pizza from the Trash Compactor. Press the button hanging button to crush Chia inside the Trash Compactor. Here Greg also gets pulled down along with Chica

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