Nier Replicant: The Damaged Map & Where to Find Labyrinth’s Shout Spear

Labyrinth’s Shout Spear Quest: Nier Replicant

Talk to Blacksmith in the Nier’s village to get the quest. He is looking for a treasure map. You can find the map in the library. It is on the third floor, near the stairs on the south wall.

Blacksmith shop Nier Replicant
Library Nier replicant

The map is damaged and you need to go to a strange things store in the Facade to fix it. At the Strange Things store, the owner required the following items to repair the map.  

    • 3 Machine Oil: Flying robots located in the Junk Heap
    • 3 Eggplants: Grocer in Nier’s Village
    • 3 Goat Hide: From Goats located in the Eastern Road

Head back to the Blacksmith’s shop and speak to his wife. She will ask you to look for the treasure. Now speak with Popola to decode the map. 

Travel to the Lost Shrine and you will find the treasure in a room on the Second Floor.

    • Go to 2nd Floor and follow through the doors with blue cubes and come out onto the main balcony that leading to the stairs to 3rd Floor.
    • Treasure is in a dead-end room right to the stairs leading to the third floor. Here you will find a Pile of Junk”.
Lost Shrine
Nier Replicant

Take that junk back to the blacksmith’s wife. she will ask you to sell her Jade Ornament to the Strange thing Store in the Facade in exchange for an old gold coin.

Talk to the blacksmith and he will give you another map. Take this map to Popola for decode again. Maps point to “The start of a steel bridge”.

Labyrinth’s Shout spear location

Here you need to go to the western part of the northern plain. Underneath it, you will obtain the Labyrinth’s Shout spear

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