NieR Replicant: Fragile Delivery 2 Quest

Seafront Tavern Location: Fragile Delivery 2 Side Quest Guide | NieR Replicant

This quest is available after completing the previous quest ‘Fragile Delivery’. You need to interact with an old man near the fountain at the north end of the village market. He’ll give a fragile package to deliver to the Tavern Keeper in Seafront. As the name suggests Package is fragile and you can’t dodge or take damage while carrying it. Do this quest after completing the ‘Hunt Boar’ quest because then you can ride a boar across the Southern Plains area.

Tavern Location in Seafront: NieR Replicant

As you enter the Seafront area, continue to walk till the end along the alley. You can find the Traven building at the end on the left side.

Traven Location at Seafront Nier Replicant
Traven Building at Seafront Nier Replicant

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