Nier Replicant: How to Complete the Missing Girl Quest

How to Find the Missing Girl in Nier Replicant

Pick the quest from a Masked Person in the northwest corner of Facade. His daughter is missing for few days and needs your help in locating her.

You can find clues to her location by talking to people around town. First, speak with a masked person hanging nearby the sand dock. He will inform you that the missing girl was with her boyfriend.


Meet another Masked Person in the north direction just one level up, where the quest starts. Here you will get the clue that the girl was last seen on the lowest level of the city.

Finally, this will lead you to a bloodstain location on the ground on the lowest level (northwest side). Now you need to speak with the treasury guard near the bloodstain. He will inform that the missing girl was with her boyfriend and, he guards the town entrance.


Finally, Head to the entrance and meet the boyfriend ( masked entrance guard on the right). He will confess that he accidentally killed her and hide her body in a sandspout well outside the city.

Go to the first well outside the city, but there you will not found a body. Go back and speak with the quest giver to complete the task.

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