NieR Replicant: The Promised Gift Quest (How to)

How to Complete 'The Promised Gift' Quest: NieR Replicant

This quest is available after you acquire the Lost Shrine key fragment and have visited either the Forest of Myth or Junk Heap.

You can pick this quest from the boatman at Village dock. He needs your help in finding a gift for his wife on their wedding anniversary. Here you need to get a bunch of red items.

Strange Things Shop

Head to ‘Strange Things Shop’ in Facade. Talk to the shopkeeper in Facade to fetch a Red Jewel from him.

Now return to the boatman and travel to Seafront along with him. Finally, meet his wife down the main road of Seafront and complete the quest and collect the reward of 3000 golds. His wife is standing near the gate opposite the grocery shop at Seafront.

Boatman wife

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