Nier Replicant: How to Complete The Tangled Message Quest

Tangled Message Quest Guide

In Facade, head to the central platform at the center of town and speak with the Masked Soldier. He will give you a task in which you have to deliver five correct messages to five people around town. If you deliver the wrong message then you have to start the quest again.

    • The masked soldier guarding the left side of the exit – Deliver the message – “The Masked People respect their rules.”
    • He who protects the king’s left (the guard on the north side of the door to the King’s Mansion). Delivers the message – “The Men of the Mask work for the king.”
    • The person taking care of the children – Deliver the message to the woman speaking to children near the sand wheel on the north side of town and deliver the message – “Child care can be difficult.”
    • The southeastern guardian – You have to deliver the message to the treasury guard in the southeast on the lowest level of the town. Message to deliver – “Only nobility may enter the treasury.”
    • The long-winded person – you can find him north of the strange-things shop in the northwest corner of town, look for a Masked Person standing near a sand fall and deliver the message – “Quicksand.”
The person taking care of the children
3rd Person
treasury guard Facade
4th Person
Facade Masked guard
5th Person

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