Observatory Understructure Puzzle | Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Observatory Understructure Puzzle

This guide shows how to complete the puzzle in the Observatory Understructure in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, released on 28th April 2023. You reach here during Confront Dagan at Koboh Observatory objective. The video walkthrough is also posted below.

Squeeze through the walls to go inside. Use the electro darts on the energy source to open the hatch next to it as shown in the picture below. Now go back outside and jump down through the hatch.

After dropping down, open the door ahead. Then use Koboh Grinder to throw Kogoh Matters such that the Koboh Matters blocking the door get connected with the flame and burn as shown in the picture below.

Now pick up a grapple balloon as shown in the picture below and take it outside. Place it as shown in the second picture below. Then use the grapple balloon to reach the surface above. This completes the puzzle.

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