Open the Forest Gate | Star Wars Jedi Survivor

This guide shows how to complete the “Open the Forest Gate” objective in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, which released on 28th April 2023. You will get this objective as you reach Pyloon’s Saloon during Bring Gyro Module to Greez objective. The video walkthrough is also posted below.

Open the Forest Gate

Exit Pyloon’s Saloon and go towards the giant forest gate as shown in the picture below. While proceeding in that direction, take the path going left as shown below.

After taking the left path, run on the wall and climb up as shown in the pictures below.

Then proceed ahead and soon you will reach Swindler’s Wash meditation point as shown in the picture below. From there, take the path going up as shown below.

This path will lead you to a giant monster as shown in the pictures below. Defeat the giant monster then go behind the waterfall. Run on the wall there to climb up. then proceed ahead.

Continue on a linear path and soon an aircraft will drop down a few enemies. Defeat them and climb up the wall behind them as shown in the picture below.

After climbing the wall, you will see the Forest Gate in front of you as shown in the picture below. There, you will also find a zipline terminal. You can use it to open a shortcut to Swindler’s Wash meditation point. Now open the gate to complete the objective. Reach the Forest Array objective starts here.

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