Outriders Forest Enclave Journals Locations Guide

  • Post published:April 5, 2021
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How to find all Forest Enclave Journals?

There are a total of 5 Journals in Forest Enclave Region.

#1 Enoch Biodiversity Report: The Journal is within the camp region. You have to go left to the giant tree, as shown in the image. You can find a journal near a small destroyed camp.

#2 The Takeoff: You can find the journal outside the camp region on the way to the enclave outpost. Leave the camp area and go straight. You will see a group of people worshipping a structure. Journal is in the shop just right to those group of worshipers.

#3 Mercer Acosta’s Journal: You can find the journal behind the same shop where you find the previous journal.

#4 Juno’s Journal: You need to go toward the enclave outpost. There are small stairs on the left with a man standing on top of the platform. You can find the journal near him.

#5 Sergio Acosta’s Note

The location of the journal is at ‘Acosta Expedition’. This is a part of the side quest ‘The Outrider’s Legacy’ which you can collect from Trench Town. Your objective in this sidequest is to find Sergio Acosta’s dead body. You can find the journal near to his body.

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