Outriders Secret Side Quest – Forgotten Chapel

  • Post published:April 7, 2021
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Forgotten Chapel’ is a secret side quest in Outriders that a player needs to unlock by finding all the five stone pillar locations. This side quest is located in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk region. This secret side quest rewards players with a  Legendary Chest.

How To Unlock ‘Forgotten Chapel’ Secret Side Quest

While all the pillars are in the same ‘Canyon of the Grand Obelisk region’ region. Two of the pillars are part of the main story and a player can find it easily. A Player needs to activate three stone pillars that are located on three different parts of the map. Keep in mind that all three of these stone pillars will be glowing blue that can be spotted easily from a far distance.

#1 Stone pillar:

The first stone pillar is located just right outside of your camp to the left.

#2 Stone pillar:

For the second one, you need to turn around and head to the top of this structure through multiple stairs, where you’ll find the seconds pillar inside a big building/hall.

#3 Stone pillar:
This stone pillar will be part of the area objective ‘open the gate’ and pretty easy to locate. You can find this stone pillar at ‘Ruined Altar’ and can spot the stone pillar with a blue icon marked (area objective).

#4 Stone pillar:
It is located at Monolith Bridge. This stone pillar will be part of the area objective ‘open the gate’ and pretty easy to locate with a blue icon marked.

#5 Stone pillar:
Enter the area behind the open gate after activating the #4 pillar stone and proceed to the end of the hall, there will be stairs at the end of the hall leading to a new room where you’ll find your last stone pillar for this secret side quest.

How To Complete ‘Forgotten Chapel’ Secret Side Quest

Once you have activated all 5 stone pillars you will receive a new side quest ‘ Forgotten Chapel’. you can complete this side quest at “Cliffside path” as marked on the map.

Here you need to activate the #6 stone pillar to open the gate and complete the mission. Don’t forget to collect the secret side quest rewards, a  Legendary Chest.

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