Overlook Mine: All Collection Chests Locations | Hogwarts Legacy

This guide shows the location of all 2 Collection Chests locations and how to get them in the Overlook Mine in the Hogsmeade Valley area in the Hogwarts Legacy game, which was released on 10th February 2023. Overlook Mine is located in the northern part of the Hogsmeade Valley region

The exact location can be found on the Hogwarts Legacy map below. Go to the specified location and enter the mine.

1) Collection Chest

Enter the mine and keep going until you reach a large area. Take the left path from this area, jump across a gap, climb up the ledge, and eventually slide down into a much larger area.

A spider web-covered corridor can be found on the east side of this area. Burn the spider’s web with the Incendio spell. Go inside to discover a chest.

2) Collection Chest

Return to the previous location and check to the west for entry to another zone. Use the Accio spell to rearrange the nearby crate and climb up the cliff.

Go into the new area, then slide down and up the ledge on the right to reach a broken bridge. Use the Reparo spell to repair the bridge. Pass the bridge and proceed through the southeast tunnel (left).

Cast Lumos and take the path to the right at the fork in the road. Proceed slowly and crouch to go through the hole to the right to find the second

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