Parts and Service: Find a Way into Parts and Service | Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach (2021). This guide will show how you can find a way into Parts and Service in the Parts and Service mission in FNAF Security Breach.

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Find a way into Parts and Service

As the mission starts your objective is to open the door to enter into the Part and Service area at Basement 2 as marked on the map. At the start, the red-color door to the Part and Service area will be closed and can be open only after acquiring Security Level 4 Badge from the Warehouse. Refer to below image for the door location as well as a map.

Head into the hallway just opposite the Part and Service’s locked door. Take a left turn to find a shutter door with a “Save your Spot” on the adjacent wall. Please refer to below path for the path and the save point on way to the warehouse.

Head inside the big room (hall) and then pass through the second shutter door. Follow the corridor to encounter the first endoskeleton metallic robot. Refer to the below image.

These incomplete robots get frozen in place as long as you look at them, but they move quickly when you look away. If you look away too long, they’ll get you. While looking at the endoskeleton robot continues to go move ahead and enter the vent on the right. Below is the image of an endoskeleton robot.

Move fast inside the vent as a creepy dancing spider robot will be chasing you. After leaving the vent, follow the hallway and you’ll find another Save Station and Flashlight Recharge Station near a shutter Gate as shown below image.

After this Save Station, you’ll enter the area with a white color door-1 that required a Level 4 Security Pass. 
Door-1: To exit Warehouse and requires level-4 Security badge
Warehouse Office: On the left has a level-4 Security badge. Open after you pass press the button near TV screens (after door-5).

Continue going straight, and at the end press the button on the right to open a Door-2 (with Robot and Child picture) as shown in below image.

Follow the hallway to open another Door-3. The button is near a TV along with two endoskeleton robots as shown below.

Similarly, open the fourth door (Door-4)and keep looking at the endoskeleton robots to freeze them as in the below image.

At the Door-5, the button is not nearby. The button is located further down the hall to the right — keep going down the path until you reach a dead end with the button. After pressing the button head back to pass through Door-5. The image of Door-5 is below.

Keep sprinting along the hallway to reach back to reach a small area with few TV screens on the ground as shown below image. On the left, you will find a button. This button will open the gate of the Warehouse Security Room.

Continue to follow the hallway until you reach Door-1 again. Opposite Door-1, you will find the Warehouse Office with Level 4 Badge. Refer to the below image.

After taking the badge, head to Door-1. As Door-1 opens, turn right and exit the warehouse through the newly open door. Door-1 image is shown below.

This will lead to the start of the area. You can look back to freeze robots and backtrack to the vent. Sprint inside the vent as that little critter will reappear here. Backtrack to the Save Station. You’ll complete the mission once you enter the Parts And Service area.

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